University of California, Riverside

Mulligan Group


Open Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Condensed Matter Theory for Fall 2019

Southern California Condensed Matter Seminar 2018

Research Interests:

The emergence of new physical laws describing the collective behavior of simple, electronic constituents. These laws come in the form of wave functions of superconducting matter or quantum Hall states and effective field theory, more generally.


My recent interests have been in the following three areas:

  • metallic criticality
  • topologically ordered systems
  • entanglement in many-body systems

Research Papers: arxiv.

Condensed Matter Journal Club Articles:

Particle-hole symmetry at the half-filled Landau level

"Neutral" Metals

Is there a speed limit for thermalization?

Recent Talks:

Nonsupersymmetric duality in 2+1 dimensions from mirror symmetry

Emergent particle-hole symmetry in the half-filled Landau level

Career History:

Professional Service:

  • Referee: PRB, PRD, PRL, PRX, and JHEP, 2009 - Present

Current Ph.D. Students:

  • Hamed Asasi (UCR)
  • Chao-Jung Lee (Caltech)
  • Amartya Mitra (UCR)